Why lesbians prefer balloon fetish?

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  • July 11, 2020

Why do some girls love to have a sex partner who wears a funny looking balloon? Is it because she likes to wear it under her clothes just like panties? Is it because she thinks it will make her look really feminine? Is it because she wants to feel a little like the girls on TV when she blows bubbles? The reasons are many, but this is one of the sexiest ways for a girl to worship the opposite sex.

The first time I heard about balloon fetish, I laughed in the silence. It seemed like such a silly, sick fantasy. Some people even laughed when I told them what I was talking about. This was my first experience with the whole “balloon fetish” for women.

But it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re a lesbian, you can do it. And there are many women out there who would love to do it with you. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll get tired of just being a lesbian and find a woman who loves men too. And what a beautiful thing that would be.

When I was younger I had this fantasy too. And I always assumed that it must be because I was born with a round butt. But it’s not. My girlfriends always thought I was born with an enormous butt. Or at least, I never had a problem with other women. Maybe I’m just lucky.

Then I had the most amazing erotic experience with a woman who loved me for my size. It wasn’t sexual, per say, but it was intimate. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her body against mine, as if we were lovers. It was unlike any sexual experience I had ever had. So when I talk about lesbian sex, I think of that moment.

If you’re a woman who is attracted to women, but particularly to women who love women, then balloons are a great toy. You can use them to tease your lover, or to bring her to another level of pleasure. And because they’re only about the size of a marble, you don’t need a carton to fill it with helium. She can have fun while you take turns with her.

Another woman I know, she once brought a guy home from the supermarket with a bottle of wine. He was nice, but it wasn’t like home. The wine was a manly bottle of wine and he certainly wasn’t sharing it with her. He wasn’t putting her to sleep either. So she took it home with her. And guess what happened?

Within a week he dumped her. Why? Because she couldn’t “feel” him for she was so attuned to his warmth and scent. The more he wanted her, the more distant she got. And even now she’s still not sure why.

What can be more embarrassing than having sex with a man who can’t feel your love for him? With your guy, there’s always an underlying feeling of security that he can provide for you. And while he’s busy filling your body, he’ll spend time loving you, giving you his physical pleasure, which is the most important kind of love.

But with women, we need more than just physical pleasure. There’s the emotional bond that needs to be built and for some women, that’s all that counts. We need to be loved for who we are and that’s something that can’t be achieved with just penetration.

Balloon dildos are also a great way to make your sexual encounters more intimate. They can put you in a fantasy state and that allows you to explore fantasies that otherwise might be out of reach. Because they’re soft and smooth, they allow the sex to come naturally. Plus, with a balloon, it’s easy to stay in the moment.

When it comes down to it, there are many reasons why lesbians like balloon sex. Some women use them because they love the idea of being able to go crazy with their man. Some women use them because they like the idea of not having to do anything except have sex. Whatever your personal preference, there’s a way for you to explore it on your own.

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