Two looners in lingerie blowing up balloons for a party

Taken from Looners. Shiva from Shiva Shaw and sabrina from Sabrinas Stockings are having a party and so are sitting around, as you do, in stockings and sexy lingerie getting ready and blowing up the party balloons. Well it is obvious both of these love balloons, lingerie and parties and they say they like to fill the place up with balloons when they are having a party. After these two looners finish blowing up balloons, they both lay on the bed in their lingerie, including black stockings and panties and rub themselves through their panties with these balloons. So what we have here is balloons, stockings big boobs and two girls together playing with balloons. What more can a looner want out of a looner site? Nothing. Looners is a great site with loads of really interesting balloon fetish content. Lots of sexy lingerie and lots of sexy pictures and movies. All exclusive to this great looners site. For more see looners