Big silver bouncy ball

Do looners and people with a balloon fetish just like to see ladies on balloons? Well I like to see ladies bouncing around and playing on big inflatable balls as well. Sabrina from said “This was great sitting and rolling around on a big bouncy rubber ball. I loved licking it around too and squashing my high heels right into it”. Sabrina is one hot looner babe and is always wearing really sexy lingerie, which goes really well with the various balloons that you can see her playing with, popping or blowing up. I love the fur coat and this big silver inflatable in these pictures watching Sabrina rubbing her stocking covered legs on this inflatable is very much a turn on. I especially like this black see through panties and this looners ass looks fucking amazing as she bounces up and down on this large inflatable balloon. Visit Looners Here to see the complete balloon fetish series.