Nails, very big boobies and metallic balloons

Taken from Looners. This big busty looner babe is having so much fun here with these balloons, blowing up some massive gold and silver balloons. Some of them are now big as this busty looners boobies. I love the sound of the rubber as the balloons rub together and they sound great rubbing together and against these great big boobs. I love the mischeivous feel of long nails digging right into the rubber. This busty looner has long and very sharp French manicured nails and she is digging them into these balloons, so they are almost bursting. Watch as she digs her nails further and further into these balloons. Watch as this looner brings these balloons closer and closer to bursting as her long sharp nails go further and further into these balloons. Do you like is watching balloons burst? I do, but I like the moments before the ballooons burst more. those few moments when a balloon is at bursting point. The second before it pops. Thats where all the excitment is for me. Looners catch this moment very well and because their looner babes are always so classy, the always have well maintained long sharp nails to stick in the balloons and burst them. See more at Looners