Inflatable pool toy play on the beach and in the sea from Frisky Business

From Frisky Business This inflatable toy loving babe from Frisky Business is playing on the beach and in the sea with this large inflatable balloon that is shaped like a big blue dolphin. This inflatable toy is just perfect for a girl in a bikini to ride, rubbing her bikini covered pussy and ass against the plastic as she rides it. But this great inflatable fetish series doesn’t end there, this cheeky bikini covered babe takes off her bikini top and so she is topless on the beach and in the sea riding this inflatable toy. Take a look at the small pert boobs that this babe has. Watch her little boobs as she rubs them against this inflatable dolphin. Frisky Business has loads of these cuties in all it’s exclusive inflatable pictures and movies and loads of them are taken on the beach or in the sea or by the pool. The perfect setting for watching girls playing with inflatable toys. See more from Frisky Business here