Hot bikini babe with giant beach ball playing topless on the beach

See more from Frisky Business here The reason i love inflatable porn fetish as well as balloon fetish porn is because you can take a girl outside and have her playing with inflatables. You would look a little odd taking a girl on the beach playing with balloons. But no one watches if you have a babe topless on the beach playing with an inflatable beach ball. I loved this shoot, what I really like is the way this inflatable fetish babe is lying in the sand on the beach, with sand all over her toes and legs and she is squeezing a beach ball between her very sexy sand covered feet and toes. I wonder if the water was warm? It doesn’t look very hot. But who cares. The babe looks like she is loving every minute playing topless with this inflatable ball on the beach. The main thing is I am loving every minute watching her. Taken from this great site. This is another winner for all you who love watching babes with inflatables. See more from Frisky Business here