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Archive for the ‘emmas balloons’ Category

Emmas balloons has a new goth looner

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Balloons, a skinny body with small pert tits and a little bald pussy mmmmm, what else does a man need. Well stockings for one, this sexy gothic girl from Emma’s balloons is a hot little fox and the red and purple balloons look sexy and gothic with all this blackmake up and lingerie, it is the perfect mix. In this long looner set of pictures, you can see this goth digging her black nails into these balloons as well as riding the balloons wearing this black thong, before removing the black thong and riding these balloons with a naked ass. Rubbing her wet shaved pussy against the balloons as she bounces up and down on them. Would you like to watch this sexy goth looner put on a looner show for you? I would.


Looner babe masturbating with balloon on the beach outside

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Emma’s balloons has gone outside. Watch this brunette topless Looner babe masturbating with balloon on the beach outside. This cute small breastsed looner has taken off her bikkini top and has kept on her bikini botoms, while rubbing herslef with balloons on the beach, but watch as this looner babe pulls her panties to the side and rubs her wet bald pussy all over these balloons. This cute looner babe has very small boobies. What do you prefere your looners to have, big boobies or small boobies? I like both and don’t think it really matters for me. It is not often you see a looner on the beach playing with balloons, usually you get babes playing with inflatables, but not often balloons, so this makes a nice and sexy change.


Goth looner Girl Bounces on Balloon with her bald pussy

Monday, July 6th, 2015

I just love Gothic girls, or Alt girls, or Elmo’s whatever they are called these days, playing with balloons. This dirty gothic looner slut has on long black shiny leather boots that she is wearing for halloween and a very sexy short silver skirt so you can see her pussy, which is riding up as she is riding this balloon, almost to bursting point. This is a fucking huge balloon that this goth has blown up. After riding it untill it nearly bursts this goth blows it up even more. She blows this balloon up untill it bursts, which is caught on film. I love the look on her face as this balloon bursts. I also like seeing her bald pussy and small tight firm arse naked on this balloon.


Big clear latex balloon and long pvc boots and no panties from Emmas Balloons

Saturday, June 6th, 2015

Even without a balloon in site, this real sexy looner babe would look fucking hot. In her knee length PVC black shiny boots,  this shiny PVC zip up suite and coloured nails. Watch this looner as she unzips her plastic clothing and shows us her very sexy slim body through this large clear latex balloon. Watch as this looner rubs her naked boobs and rubs her wet pussy on this balloon. You can see her sticky wet pussy juice on the balloon where she has been riding it. Because not only does this looner slut rub her naked body against this huge see through balloon, she also gets on it and rides it, rubbing her naked pussy against it and her long plastic boots. As this looner is riding this balloon she is all the time digging her nails into the balloon. But this looner goes too far and rides and rides this big see through balloon, until sticking her nails in gets more of a surprise than this looner bargains for and the balloon bursts as she is fucking it. Another great set of looner pictures from Emma’s Balloons.


Topless ebony looner in a room full of balloons from Emmas Balloons

Monday, April 27th, 2015

This dark skinned ebony looner babe has a perfect pair of pert little breasts. With little cute brown nipples and very sexy thick curly hair. We have filled the room up with blue balloons and take loads of pictures of this ebony looner. She has a little pair of see through lace panties on and if you look carefully as this dark skinned looner rides these large blue balloons between her sexy slim dark legs, you can just see her cute shaved pussy. The theme of these balloon fetish pictures is definitely blue. Blue balloons, blue panties and a blue bra. Watch as this slim dark skinned looner babe rubs these blue balloons on her dark brown skin and against her dark brown small pert breasts. I wonder if all this rubbing of balloons against this ebony babes breasts makes the balloons get static all over them?


Brunette looners playing with balloons

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

We have two very cute topless brunette looners here in this balloon fetish gallery. What a couple of hotties these two are as well. I’m not sure where Emma’s Balloons finds these looners but they are all very cute. These two looners have small pert breasts and have made loads of balloon fetish porn for this great site. Including  balloon fetish videos and photos not found anywhere else! Featuring balloon Poppers, balloon Non-Poppers, balloon Inflation, balloon Bouncing, Riding balloon sand anything else you can imagine doing with balloons and inflatables! Emma’s Balloons claim “We are the Ultimate in Balloon Fetish Sites” and I for one am starting to agree. They are certainly, if not the best balloon fetish site, they are one of the best balloon fetish sites.


A looner from Emma’s Balloons rides a huge yellow balloon using baby oil

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

This balloon fetish babe from Emma’s Balloons is riding a really massive balloon. A very long yellow balloon in fact. But before she starts riding this balloon this naked slim babe with small boobies gets herself all covered in baby oil first. This balloon babe from Emma’s balloons is really slippery and as she rides this huge balloon she has to dig her nails in just to stay on it. I would love to be this balloon with this slim babe covered in oiled riding me, imagine her small pert breasts covered in oil rubbing against you. This balloon is so big and long that she can pull it over almost in two. This balloon must be at least twice the size of this skinny looner who is riding it and the balloon is so big it takes all her weight as it folds in the middle. Imagine how her wet and oily shaved pussy feels rubbing against this balloon. I bet it’s a real turn on. It is certainly a big turn on for me watching.


Redhead With A Big Ass Balloon from Emma’s balloons

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

Do you like really huge long balloons? Well this balloon that this looner babe from Emma’s balloons is riding a huge balloon, this huge balloon is so huge that it could probably get 10 looners on it. But this Redhead looner has this huge balloon all to herself. I love it when these huge balloons get sat on in the middle and the balloon squashes in the middle so that the balloon folds up around the looner. I love Emma’s balloons, she really has some hot looking looners, like this slim looner with her small firm breasts that she rubs against these large balloons while she is riding them. Apparently this looner is called Katrina, well hello Katrina you foxy looner slut. I have just had a nice long wank over you.



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