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UK Balloon XXX movies

February 21st, 2015

UK Balloon girls XXX is a hardcore version of the balloon fetish, with lots of girls with balloons but with a much harder side to the fetish. Watch these looners fucking on balloons and with balloons, using the balloons as sex toys.. You can see our pornstars rubbing their cunts with balloons, bumping on balloons, grinding on balloons, screeching, caressing, bursting, licking, sucking and fucking the balloons. These these explicit balloon fetish movies are shot in high definition at this really brings out the balloons as well as how hot these looner balloon fetish sluts are. In this xxx explicit balloon movie you can watch girls rubbing their cunts on balloons as well as fucking their cunts with long balloons.


UK balloon girls compilation movie

February 16th, 2015

UK Balloon girls is a brand new balloon fetish site that feature hot British girls playing with balloons. You can watch the balloon girls models rubbing balloons, caressing balloons, licking balloons, making balloons make sounds like screeching, smoking while playing with balloons, plus high resolution films of girls bursting and sitting on balloons. All the exclusive movies from UK balloon girls are shot in high definition as well as lower resolution for quicker downloading and there is also loads of high resolution images. In this compilation movie we get to see loads of really hot girls paying with balloons. If you like this movie you will love this great site UK Balloon girls.


Naked looner muscle man fucking a big black balloon

February 11th, 2015

This big muscly looner man has a real balloon fetish and a big cock and loves to ram his huge cock into big balloons, like this big balloon. That he fucks so hard it is surprising that it doesn’t burst. But this is one of those really thick rubber balloons and it doesn’t matter how far you ram your cock into it it wont burst. Do you like big hard men with balloons? Personally I prefer female looners but I know a lot of you looners with a balloon fetish love to watch guys with balloons as well as girls with balloons. Have you ever stuck your cock in a balloon like this? I havn’t. I think I would be too scared in case it burst. I get scared just watching people squashing balloons and sticking their nails in balloons, so it almost looks like they are bursting. That is the real big turn on for me.


Riding balloon in pantyhose

February 1st, 2015

In these pictures I am going to ride this big yellow balloon very hard, I have no panties on, just pantyhose. I love the feel of the pantyhose gusset rubbing against my very wet pussy and also the balloon creating friction between my lips. You get some great shots of my pantyhose covered legs and ass in these pictures as I bounce the balloon around in between my legs. But you can also see my heels dig into this big yellow balloon and nearly burst it. How far will my heel go into this balloon before it bursts? Thats the big turn on for me with balloons. Not knowing just when they will burst.




Looner babe playing in a cage full of balloons

January 27th, 2015


Watch this balloon fetish babe dressed in black nylons and a black bra and a purple garter belt and no panties playing in a cage full of coloured balloons. Watch her as she masturbates with the balloons, rubbing all the different coloured balloons against her wet pussy as she gets excited with the feel of the rubber balloons between her legs. Watch her as she licks and bites these balloons but they don’t burst in her mouth. But at one point one balloons bursts her to my head as the balloon squeezes between this looners head and the bars of the cage, which gives her and us watching quite a shock. Not only does this balloon fetish looner babe get off playing with these balloons but she is also getting off rubbing her nylons and pulling at her garter belt straps. This is one of this looners most explicit videos and you get to see far more than you really should. This looner babe said “My legs covered in stockings and me feeling them against the balloons and against each other was so exciting. Especially knowing you are watching, that this exclusive video goes much further than I expected.” Can you imaging being one of these balloons between this looners nylon covered thighs and rubbing on her wet bald pussy. Would you like that? Would you like a balloon slave in a cage like this just for your entertainment? I know I would visit looners here and come and watch this full length balloon fetish movie

Very big boob balloon babe in stockings and a corset flogging balloons

January 22nd, 2015

Very big boob balloon babe in stockings and a corset flogging balloons in this great balloon fetish pictures. We asked this looner babe about these balloon fetish pictures and she said “I was dressed in a black corset and was playing with my balloons and just fancied doing something a little different. Flogging a big bunch of balloons i’d just blown up was a great stress reliever!” I love this looner babes cheeky face and smile, but I really fucking love her huge big boobs that look fantastic against all these coloured balloons. Can you imaging rolling around on the bed with this busty balloon babe and these balloons, while she flogs them and bursts them? Well I can. i love it when she whacks the balloons and they burst. Her huge breasts seem to bounce up and down even more. If that is possible. What could be better than balloons and big boobies? Not a lot I don’t think Visit Looners Here




Sabrina dressed as a nurse in rubber playing with balloons

January 17th, 2015

I enjoy nylons, yet just recently I have in addition began to relish rubber clothes particularly while i am actively playing with balloons. Every person more or less likes the balloon. They’re vivid and also bouncy and also stupidly cheerful. They could float, they will produce a loud noise as soon as popped. I like this feel plus sound when the balloon rubs against the rubber. I furthermore like to caress balloons with my own panties along with stockings covered legs. During this video, I am dressed within this very naughty rubberized nurse outfit and also stockings & I play with a variety of balloons. visit looners to watch the full length movie

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Balloon with bunny ears and a cock in between the balloon bunny ears

January 12th, 2015

Well this is something new to do with balloons. Get a balloon with some ears on it and stick your cock in between the inflated ears. Have you ever tried that? I have and it feels very sexy as your cock rubs against the rubber balloon. This young male looner gives these inflated balloon ears a good hard fuck with his hard cock. I hope the balloon doesn’t burst before he climaxes, otherwise that will be quite a shock. My guess is it would put you right off your stoke. Imaging rubbing your cock backwards and forwards between these balloon ears and it bursting? Would probably not hurt to much, but I doubt it will help your hard on. Lets hope this balloon is nice and strong then! In these balloon fetish pictures, this young tattood looner twink seems to be having a great time. Would you like to join him? Imagine the two of you both fucking these balloon buny ears at the same time. Could be quite good fun I would think.


A looner from Emma’s Balloons rides a huge yellow balloon using baby oil

January 7th, 2015

This balloon fetish babe from Emma’s Balloons is riding a really massive balloon. A very long yellow balloon in fact. But before she starts riding this balloon this naked slim babe with small boobies gets herself all covered in baby oil first. This balloon babe from Emma’s balloons is really slippery and as she rides this huge balloon she has to dig her nails in just to stay on it. I would love to be this balloon with this slim babe covered in oiled riding me, imagine her small pert breasts covered in oil rubbing against you. This balloon is so big and long that she can pull it over almost in two. This balloon must be at least twice the size of this skinny looner who is riding it and the balloon is so big it takes all her weight as it folds in the middle. Imagine how her wet and oily shaved pussy feels rubbing against this balloon. I bet it’s a real turn on. It is certainly a big turn on for me watching.


Skinny topless babe with an inflatable rubber ring

January 2nd, 2015

This really skinny topless babe is playing with this blow up inflatable blue rubber ring. Imagine seeing this babe topless on the beach with this rubber ring or maybe bobbing up and down in the sea. that would be quite a sight. Look at her little boobs through this rubber inflatable ring. they look so cute and I am wanking off now just looking at her. This inflatable gallery was taken from Frisky Business which is a site dedicated to babes with inflatables. It isn’t a balloon fetish site, but most looners like me who love seeing babes with balloons also like watching babes with inflatables. So you will really enjoy this site and this inflatable gallery. Well i did anyway. This inflatable gallery isn’t taken by the pool or on the beach, but most of the inflatable fetish porn on this site is and it is great to see girls on inflatables using them outside.



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