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Bursting balloons in Louboutins

Lots of screen grabs here of a High Def movie. More and more of you seem to enjoy the balloons, though I’m sure the black stockings, garter belt and high heel black Louboutins help. I am playing and mainly bursting…
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Busty looner with her novelty balloon collection

I absolutely love balloons of all shapes and sizes but I really like novelty balloons, just because they are so different. I am also really good at making loads of different things. So is this busty balloon fetish babe, Shiva….
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Bursting balloons in stockings

I sometimes like to play all around wearing hosiery, not necessarily in a very sexual manner. Actually I have on hosiery, just about everyday & adore to do many stuff which is enjoyable, however , not sexual. Like today I…
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Digging my nails into this long balloon

Taken from Looners. Now keep your eyes on my fingers and the balloon. I know I am topless and you can see my great big brown breasts, but these pictures are all about the balloon and not my breasts ;-). …
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Brunette looners playing with balloons

From Emmas Balloons  We have two very cute topless brunette looners here in this balloon fetish gallery. What a couple of hotties these two are as well. I’m not sure where Emma’s Balloons finds these looners but they are all…
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Balloon and nylon model Kelly Dee on webcam

Kelly Dee is a model and webcam performer. On the free webcam site Cum Cat “Guys, what kind of sexy shoe do you like to see a gorgeous woman wearing? Stillettos, pumps, platform stripper style, strappy open toed, or maybe…
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Riding balloon in pantyhose

In these pictures from Looners I am going to ride this big yellow balloon very hard, I have no panties on, just pantyhose. I love the feel of the pantyhose gusset rubbing against my very wet pussy and also the…
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Looner babe playing in a cage full of balloons

  Watch this balloon fetish babe dressed in black nylons and a black bra and a purple garter belt and no panties playing in a cage full of coloured balloons. Watch her as she masturbates with the balloons, rubbing all…
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Looner slave caged in a cage full of balloons

Taken from Looners This looner babe has been caged in a cage full of balloons and made to masturbate in her stockings while we all sit back, watch and wank. I love to see women as sex objects, especially looners….
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Emmas balloons has a new goth looner

From Emmas Balloons, a skinny body with small pert tits and a little bald pussy mmmmm, what else does a man need. Well stockings for one, this sexy gothic girl from Emma’s balloons is a hot little fox and the…
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looner rubbing her pantyhose on a balloon

I’m sure you anticipate to view me in nylons, yet I do like to put on hose from time to time, simply for enjoyment, although under no circumstances at any time together with undergarments on. Tights should always always be…
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Big silver bouncy ball

Do looners and people with a balloon fetish just like to see ladies on balloons? Well I like to see ladies bouncing around and playing on big inflatable balls as well. Sabrina from said “This was great sitting and…
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Big busty boobs and big blue balloons

This big busty looner is playing on the bed with this big blue balloons that she has blown up. This big balloons are the same size as this looners boobs. Watch this looner rolling around on the bed with these…
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Nails, very big boobies and metallic balloons

Taken from Looners. This big busty looner babe is having so much fun here with these balloons, blowing up some massive gold and silver balloons. Some of them are now big as this busty looners boobies. I love the sound…
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